About Us

Mind Space is an innovative inclusive enterprise established in 2013. We offer a comprehensive range of services and programs including: education, vocational programs for career development, sports and recreational activities, community events, hospitality and entertainment programs. All our services and programs are inter-connected and complement each other to bring about social change for the communities we work for and with.

We operate a multi-faceted business model to generate revenue to achieve financial sustainability. We are a business with a conscious, and all profits generated are re-invested to further our social mission. Therefore when we profit, our community profits.

Our Role & Impact

There is a vast difference between educating individuals in a community and building a community in which to educate. As the old African saying goes “it takes a village to raise a child” and these rings true for our societies today.

If we focus solely on educating a child without providing support for the child’s family, then our impact will only go so far. If we support a family without reaching out to their neighbors, then we cannot provide a platform to impact and transform an entire community.

Our dream is to see communities built in partnership with community. Families, individuals, institutions, organizations all have a role to play and a responsibility in supporting society’s development. Neighbor helping neighbor.

We encourage each of you to start this journey in your own community. Take a step back from your day to day lives and just look at what is needed to be done around you. It will start with a simple decision to say... I WILL.


Actively seeking to meet the needs of communities around us by providing holistic and inclusive services and programs in a financially sustainable way. By creating solutions, raising awareness and developing minds for action seeking to achieve true social transformation and build an integrated community of love, hope and unity.


Developing minds for action to shape a society that is integrated, caring and inclusive.

Our Values


We are transparent and honest about how we implement our vision and mission, and hold ourselves accountable for our actions.


We advocate for the needs of marginalised communities, and are committed to action for social justice.


We create innovative solutions in partnership with local communities, and we believe that the power of our work is grounded in being responsive to the needs of our diverse community.


We believe that greater outcomes are achieved through collaborative efforts, and we are commited to establishing and nuturing sustainable partnerships to achieve our vision.


We strive for and are committed to delivering excellence and quality in everything we do.

Our Goals

Community to communities

To partner with communities to find sustainable solutions to local issues

Building community

To inspire positive change by delivering a comprehensive range of programs


To develop initiatives that are responsive to the needs and desires of our diverse community.