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Will You? Cafe

Will You? Café is a unique concept that offers community an opportunity to come together to share, to build, to discover. We provide a peaceful space with quality food and service, while at the same time develop opportunities to seek community views on their needs, wants and aspirations through forums, consultations, seminars, workshops and events.

Even further, through this, we offer vocational training for unemployed, underemployed, homeless individuals or those with special needs, skills to seek gainful and dignified jobs and sustainable incomes in the culinary arts, restaurant and catering sectors. The vocational programme is aimed at providing high-quality training through which trainees can complete a variety of roles to increase their skills and employment potential and also to support them with their future career choices.


#inclusiveenterprise vocational training towards sustainable & independent livelihood

Seed Space

Founded in 2015, Landscaping Business supporting livelihood and special needs work placement

Garden Space

Garden Space is a beautiful plant nursery decorating the Will You Café. It offers an oasis of tranquility in the heart of the city. While offering customers a relaxing environment to enjoy a meal or one of our events, it also provides them with the opportunity to take some of it home. An abundant variety of plants, along with unique furniture will spark in the visitors mind new ideas to create their own little oasis of peace at home.  All this supports vocational training for people from disadvantaged backgrounds, offering them training in gardening and landscaping.

Mind Corp

Corporate Training for Business Development

Incubating | Cradle Space

Cradle Funding & Inclusive Enterprise Generation