Developing a community in which to educate, as opposed to developing an education system to meet the community needs, is an innovative approach that enables a student’s mindset to be truly impacted for life. Opening a student’s mind to a life of possibilities, vocational options, whilst instilling core values, requires diversity. The same diversity that will prevalent in life.

We believe in ONE COMMUNITY working towards removing the boxes from social paradigms through inclusive activities, programs & events.  We aim to create opportunities in which each student can enrich society with their abilities, gifts & talents. An encouraging, caring and supporting environment that allows individuals to grow and develop in remarkable ways through a variety of activities.

To do this successfully, we have developed various educational solutions and continue to look for more areas of development.

Upward Learning Centre

Upward Learning Centre is a community learning facility designed to provide a quality educational experience in a small and personal environment. It is a community-driven centre that focuses on helping students prepare for their future. We aim to promote core values that address the nature of the learner and learning, the nature of truth and authority, and what is important to learn and know. We continuously strive to identify and deploy activities that will provide our students with opportunities to explore and discover their talents.

We are committed to nurturing students in an environment of care and acceptance - enabling them to achieve, think, communicate and become well-rounded global citizens. We aim to form people of character equipped with skills and values to be successful in whatever vocation they choose in life

CSNE | Centre for Special Needs Education

At the core of CSNE is the desire to support each person to develop holistically through life, empowered by his or her own special abilities. In order to do so, we have to understand development as a life-long process, not just a few school years. Our programs start at the early years with an individual educational plan that targets each child’s individual goals, according to their own talents, needs and personal goals. From there, we look ahead to how each child can start interacting more and more in a mainstream setting. We have developed a transition class for those who are getting ready, to make the transitions easier. 

Our programs take into account core academic subjects as well as physical and emotional health, creativity and social interaction. After basic education, students have the opportunity to join one of our vocational programs, in which they can gain valuable work skills, be supported towards employment and eventually achieve an adequate degree of independence and autonomy.  We are also partnering with other schools and organizations to offer students different paths to achieve their goals, being full mainstream integration at an international school or finding a job.

Cross-Point Program

The Transitional Classroom

AXIS Vocational

Vocational Training for Special Needs Teens and Adults.  A livelihood initiative.

Step & Smile

Cerebral Palsy development centre.  Our first acquisition.  Based on the Hungarian Conductive Education method.


Community Programs

Rock Space

Music School for Contemporary Music Studies & Music Production.  An Arts & Entertainment Livelihood Initiative

Mind Equip

Youth Leadership & Development Program in partnership with Life Equip

Mind Corp

Corporate Training : unTraining for Tomorrow

Incubating | Food Space

Food Space is a community learning culinary academy where we understand that we all have our own preferences and likes, usually limited by our cultural background and have not had the opportunity to explore the limits of our taste buds. We want to give people the opportunity to experience western food cooked with local ingredients and techniques. Lets create a fusion ingredients,  a fusion of styles, a fusion of cultures… Go beyond any differences and bring everyone together to connect and enjoy.

For  us, food is an international language through which we can all relate to each other. Put a plate among a group of people and they need nothing more to come together and share the enjoyment of taste. Food is the centre point of culture; it evokes history, family and emotions. It builds bridges, connects people and creates bonds.

Incubating | START Centre

We envision START as a one-stop center for comprehensive special needs programs from birth to the final years, from research to training to the implementation and development of the latest strategies and therapies available to ensure a better quality of life for people with special needs, their families and the community in general. We look to into the different areas of development and aim to provide the right programs to support a holistic growth and advancement of psychological, physical and social health.

By developing this academy, we gain the opportunity to access firsthand information about individuals and their specific needs and to a better understanding of the various approaches and strategies available to address those needs. This will open the doors for us to develop programs that look to provide the best service and solutions for community by researching their needs, training professionals and developing and implementing new programs.

Incubating | Mind Space International

International Growth & Expanson Programs.  Connections through institution affiliations and international programs such as summer camp, exchange programs, development programs.