Senior Conductor

We are offering a great opportunity to a Senior Conductor who would like the opportunity to assist with the growth of Conductive Education in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The position is open to be filled as early as 15th November, 2018 for transition purposes, until the latest of 7th January, 2019 for a period of at least 1 year, preferably 2 years, with the option to renew/extend subsequently.

Mind Space is wishing to contract a Senior Conductor who will be based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and who would be interested to work in other areas of South East Asia as the organisation expands its services regionally.

Our children present a diverse range of abilities, the successful applicant must possess knowledge and skillset relevant to assisting those with broad intellectual and physical challenges.

The post is based in our Kuala Lumpur centre Step & Smile, and also our Mind Space Inclusive Learning Centre where a vibrant and diverse classroom team work in a school-type setting. The post holder will plan, lead and deliver conductive education programmes for children and young people aged 5-20 years.
Key skills required:
  • At least 6 year’s experience as a Conductor
  • Willingness to relocate to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Good command of English – both oral and written
  • Ability to build excellent relationships with peers and other professionals
  • The ability to contribute in the recording of the children’s progress and the development of the individual programmes and working with and alongside other professionals
  • Flexibility
  • Enjoy a challenge
  • Innovative – you will be assisting to grow Conductive Education in Malaysia and South East Asia
  • Ability to think outside the square and show initiative
  • Experience working with students and adults

We are an enthusiastic community organisation and offer minimum 12 month contract (preferably 2 years), along with a competitive salary package, accommodation provision, contribution to travel costs along with assistance with visa processing.

The final competitive package will be offered dependent upon qualifications and experience.

If you think you are the right, fun, compassionate, progressive professional we are seeking and ready for immediate start, please submit your CV/Resume in the form below and we will be in touch to arrange an interview via Skype/WhatsApp/Zoom.

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Detailed Job Description – Senior Conductor
Job Title:                                               Senior Conductor
                                                                    (Overseeing Under 3’s/Nursery/ Transition/Saturday Club/Holiday Club/Summer School Programs)
Accountable to:                                 Centre Director
                                                                     Head of Conductive Education
                                                                     or Interim Service Manager (if/when applicable)
Staff reporting to you:                    Conductors
                                                                     Junior Conductors
                                                                     Conductor Assistant/s
Salary:                                                      RM5,000 -8,000 per month (dependent on qualifications and experience)
                                                                     In-Patient Medical Coverage
                                                                     Accommodation Allowance
                                                                     Flight Allowances (One Return Economy Airfare to Origin Port for Every 2 Years of Service)
                                                                     Work Visa Processing (For Internationals)
Hours:                                                     Full-time 40 hours per week
                                                                    (plus two Saturday per month)
Holidays:                                               School vacations in line with Mind Space
                                                                    Educational Program Calendar
                                                                    (between 8-10 weeks yearly)
Purpose of the Role:
·         To assist the Centre Director and/or Head of Conductive Education in achieving the aims of the Step & Smile Centre in the designated area.
·         To assist collaborative working with Conductors in achieving the aims of the Step & Smile Centre.
·         To provide Conductive Education in the designated area.
·         To manage and support junior staff in the planning and delivery of all Conductive Education programmes in the designated area.
·         To manage and support Conductor-Assistant/s in the delivery of all Conductive Education programmes in the designated area.
·         To manage and support volunteers and students at the designated area.
·         To support the administration of the Service Delivery in the designated area.
Main Duties and Responsibilities:
I     Educational Programme Duties:
·         Delivering Conductive Education programmes.
·         Devising Conductive Education programmes with the support of the Centre Director and/or Head of Conductive Education.
·         Implementing the individual and group programmes for the service users in all aspects of development in designated area with the support of the Centre Director and/or Head of Conductive Education.
·         Assisting the Centre Director and/or Head of Conductive Education with assessments/initial consultations and reviews in the designated area.
·         Participating in and sharing responsibility for creating and maintaining an appropriate learning environment for all service users in the designated area.
·         Assist in the organisation of events relevant for the Conductive Education service.
II    Administration Duties:
·         Maintaining appropriate records of each child’s/participants’ development and progress.
·         To assist the Centre Director and/or Head of Conductive Education with the children’s initial assessments and annual reviews.
·         Assisting the Centre Director and/or Head of Conductive Education with the service users’ initial assessments and annual reviews.
·         To produce assessment reports, initial consultation reports, progresses reports and annual review reports for the centre.
·         To assist the improvement of programmes and planning in the centre.
·         Maintaining appropriate records of programmes and planning in accordance with company filing practices.
·         Active partnership in one-to-one meetings with participants and/or carers/families to discuss progress in the designated area.
III   Training and Development:
·         Sharing expertise and knowledge with other members of the Mind Space Educational team.
·         Attending and contributing to in-house or external training programmes as appropriate.
 General Responsibilities:
·         To be responsible as a member of an inter-disciplinary and inclusive team.
·         To carry out and promote the aims of the Mind Space Education Division
·         Giving regular support to junior staff, conductor’s assistant/s, volunteers, and students.
·         Giving regular support to participants/carers/families
·         To attend inter-disciplinary team meetings as required.
This job description sets out the main duties of the post at the date when it was completed.  Such duties may vary from time to time without changing the general character of the post or the level of the responsibility.
Person Specification:
 Attributes / Job Requirements
Essential (E)
Desirable (D) 
A demonstrable understanding of the system of Conductive Education in designated area.
Ability to develop good working relationships with children and adult participants, their families and carers, members of staff including volunteers and other professionals.
Good verbal, written and listening skills to enable clear and accessible information to be communicated.
Minimum 6 years’ experience
Experience working in the UK, New Zealang, Australia or the USA
An understanding of implementing educational programmes.
Specific knowledge and experience of successfully delivering in the following areas:
          Early Years Foundation Stage
          Adult Rehabilitation
          Team working
          Outreach work
          Supporting parents and carers to implement Conductive Education
          Monitoring children/adult participants' progress and production of internal and external reports
          First Aid
          Children’s Health and Care
          Adult’s Health and Care
To work in a busy environment as part of an inter-disciplinary team with an active daily schedule.
Organisational skills
The Senior Conductor will hold a recognised Diploma/BA Hons. which entitles him/her to practise Conductive Education